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I am now engaged & have been for over 2 yrs. I am happy, very happy. He is a Marine & my sweetheart. He understands me and gets me. I love that. So I am off limits. We are thinking about getting married this year or next year. I do not wish to have any friends on here that are butt holes or bitches. I do not wish to waste my time on energy on people that will not waste theirs on me. & please i am only looking for friends on here that are good people, country people, military people & business people. Only. But i am willing to get to know people just as long as they are not judgemental and the only reason that i would not want to talk to you is if you give me a reason not to talk to you or like you for whatever reason. Thank you.
HighSchool: Haltom High School
JuniorHighSchool: Haltom Middle School
ElementarySchool: Birdville Elementary School
Music: country music all the way, bluegrass, rock, and a some hip hop.
Movies: fantasy, horror, scary, bloody, romance, sci-fi, biography, autobiography, comedy, and adventure.
WhatImInto: basically about anything that i like or would like to try. military books, fantasy books, parties, drinking socially - the hard stuff, computers, net, chinese food especially, horses, DODGE trucks - jacked up or any kind of jacked up truck, so yes i am a truck girl, having fun, living in the moment, church.
MyBestFeatures: eyes - their greenish-blue, blonde hair, and fair skin and NOT tanned, muscular legs, and me being proud to be a big girl for certain reason.
MyDreams: owning a ranch one day, with horses, out in the country some where in Texas. Finishing college and saving up and marrying a cowboy, farmboy, country boy or military man.

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