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Im born in Bklyn, breed in Long Island.. Just relocated to texas dfw feb 2010.I work full time at Chase Home Lending as an Adjuster
HighSchool: Deer Park High School
JuniorHighSchool: Robert Moses Middle School
Music: I love listening to different types of music from soul to jazz to r&b and gospel.. Some of my favorite artist include Bille Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Arthea Franklin, The Temptations, Four Topz, Black Street, Kc&JoJo, Jodeci, Kirk Frankin, John P.Kee, MaryMary, Musiq, John Legend, Keisha Cole.. just to name a few
TV: WHen i do watch it, i love watching The Game on BET...
Books: The Holy Bible.. To Kill A Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye, Sweet Potato Pie, 12 Angry Men, CrissCross,A Rose that Grew From Concrete
Sports: Im a little in to football, especially being raised with 8 older brothers, I didnt really have a choice. As far as college goes i would have to say the Florida Gatorz, ummm and for the n.f.l ugghh The Giants
Interests: Being the change I want to see in the world.
Movies: I dont really watch t.v and dont keep up with the latest movies, but my favorite movie of all times would be The Color Purple, and To Kill A Mockingbird and Love & Basketball
BestFeatures: you decide and let me know, but i would have to say my smile, and my thick thighs
Dreams: I want SUCCESS in life; I wanna be Sweet as Honey,be Regular as Clock,be Fresh as Rose,be Soft as Tissue, be Strong as Rock,be Sure as Death, Smart as my Father..thats my dream

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