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i go by rayne.i love memories i love to think about my friends old/new n the people i care for the most.im really fun n outgoin.i like to do everythin with my friends.im really sweet n carin thats who iam.my friends r my life n the reason im here today.love to talk on the phone n the computer.i just moved to utah to live with my mom,little bro,n step-dad.i like to bite because it is fun n weird just like me.im not ur normal teenage girl.i love japanesse stuff.i think of others before myself.i stand up for myself,friends,n what i think is right.i will talk to anyone on here i like to meet new people.i love to be different,original is so lame.music is another important thing in my life.i like to be random n fun because thats what keeps everythin interestin.im loud with my friends.i love everyone.i like candy it makes me happy. im very blunt n if i dont like somethin i tell u.im honest w/ all my friends.im in 11th grade.i like to look at the positive side of things never the neg.i like to make my friends laugh i think its the cure for every sickness.im very over protected of my friends.well thats all i got now if u need anything else just ask me bye!
HighSchool: Riverton High School
Music: j-pop, rock, screamo, metal, emo, anything loud and kick ass!blessthefall, escape the fate, red, sick puppies, BFMV, GC, FF5, RJA, hawthrone heights, toybox, AFI, H.I.M, Marlyn manson, nickleback, silverstien, and more
TV: family guy,CSI,invader zim,ghost hunters,american dad, music videos
Books: twilight saga, horror books, stephen king, manga, vampire books
Sports: im not really into sports im the kinda of girl that llike to play or listen to music and spend time with my friend.
Movies: moulin rouge, it, anime, WALL-E, stay alive, hide and seek, horror movies,tim burton movies, titanic,juno, sweeny tood
BestFeatures: my eyes
Dreams: i really want to live in japan for awhile and i want to become a crime scene investigator when i get older.

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