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Someone that can treat me like a King. Also someone that can show me respect, love, honesty, & show me that they care for me not hate me. & someone that won't cheat on me or lie to me. & someone that won't break my heart like people from my past. & someone that can show me love like never before. Also someone that can appreciate me for who I am. Someone that won't try to out smart me. Someone that can make me smile not frown. Someone who can cheerish my poems & my love letters. Someone that I can speak my mind to & someone that I can pour my heart out to them. .. i know a dream huh?? well i can hope it come's true.
Music: Love all kind of music
TV: i can watch anything
Books: i love to ready love storys
Sports: Basketball
Movies: love all kinds of movies
BestFeatures: my smile
Dreams: falling in love & enjoying life together

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