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    5 ft. 11 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Yes, living elsewhere


OK so a brief rundown on my do's and not a shot in hell's (or do not's, whatever vernacular you prefer)

- get overly excited about NASCAR, they drive in circles, only turning left, for a REALLY long time. Now make the race only going 10 laps, and they have to go right instead of left, and is encouraged to curse very loudly at the opposing racers, and you get to use bowling balls during the race, that my friends is entertainment.
- will not have patience for bad drivers, if I cut you off, chances are you did something wrong, and you need to go to time-out.
- be that jackass in the grocery line talking on their cell and. having to ask the checker 4 times for something BC they're not paying attention. And come on really?
- Forget to tell you and show you you're beautiful and amazing every day
- People that are rude to servers
- People who are arrogant and stupid (worst combination)

- Tell you you're beautiful everyday, (unless you kinda let yourself go, and you start finish 1 lb containers of Jiffy peanut butter, without using any
type of utensil) then........ maybe a crisp high five and call you champ? (I hope you have a sense of humor, and realize that was a joke)
- Breakfast in bed will be a regular thing I make for you
- I will ALWAYS go to the grocery store for you, no questions asked and I will do so with enthusiasm. (Yeah I think I'm a little sick in the head)
- Will not go to bed angry with you (maybe really REALLY frustrated, but we'll be ok )

What I am looking for

having a vast amount of useless knowledge is bueno (that means good in Spanish just in case you didn't know that)
having a beautiful smile, funny, sarcasm is AWESOMENESS!!! (not sure that's a word but I'm going to own it)

Odds and ends:
Love to travel! so far have checked off about 15 countries, hopefully another 5 or 6 in the next year or so. I love to hear where others have traveled to, the experience, the culture, all that kind of fun stuff. Would love to have a travel buddy as well!

Love to play and coach soccer, skiing is near and dear to my heart so I need some snow! When I get a chance, I love to drop into a creek at 6am and spend a few hours fishing and hopefully not break my rod in half because I lost another fish (I said I liked to fish, I never claimed to be good at it lol) I adore my 14 year old daughter and fortunately she still thinks here dad is pretty cool. I had her sign a contract that she would not date until she is 35 (with me tagging along of course) and not marry until she's at least 45. I think it'll work right?